Central Europe Business day 2020
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Agrofeed kft Agrofeed kft
Hungary, Győr
Mr. Németh Attila, export manager
Agrofeed Ltd. is one of the most significant European producers of high quality premixes and feed additives, selling its products not only in Hungary, but also in 20 other countries in Europe, the Middle east, and Northern Africa. For more than a dec...
Hungary, Nagylózs
Mr. Balázs Bozzay, Sales and Quality manager
BFSI is a family-owned company, active since 1994 with focus on automation and construction of special target devices amd machines. But we also own production capacities for turning and machining.
Blue Colibri App International Kft. Blue Colibri App International Kft.
Hungary, Székesfehérvár
Úr Dávid Jakab, Director of Sales & International Expansion
Blue Colibri’s cutting-edge mobile platform supports internal communication and engagement, for those large scale businesses that aim to effectively involve their employees in a community and inspire their commitment. The platform provides a solution...
Bonaventura Gold Kft_Primus Bonaventura Gold Kft_Primus
Hungary, Budapest
Ms. Katalin Csiki, CFO
PRIMUS natural mineral water comes from ice-ageglaciers in the Carpathian Basin, in the heart of Europeand it was saved by nature under rocks. Our company is specialized for bottling this 17400years old PRIMUS premium mineral water and processing min...
CCL Design Hungary CCL Design Hungary
Hungary, Tatabanya
Ms. Erika Tóth, Business Development Manager
The world’s leading manufacturer of printed and functional products for the electronics and automotive industry. CCL Design Hungary is part of CCL Industries, the world’s largest converter of pressure-sensitive and extruded film materials. The compan...
Joint Venture Szövetség Joint Venture Szövetség
Hungary, Budapest
Mr. Péter Tálos, President
The objective of the JVSZ (Joint Venture Association) is to represent the business interests of the domestic business society, foreign and domestic investors, to maintain and increase their competitiveness, and to this end to continuously improve the...
Mixtura Kft. Mixtura Kft.
Hungary, Veszprem
Mr. Balazs Mihalyi, Projectmanager
Mixtura Ltd., which produces and trades with building materials, is located at the northern industrial zone of Veszprém, Hungary. It’s been 20 years that the entirely private business has been successfully on the market, as a producer of building mat...
Hungary, Hajdúböszörmény
Mr. Máté Turai, Export Manager
The name NAGÉV has now been well known among users of industrial walkway grating. The group, which has evolved from a 25 m2 plant, is an industrial enterprise having more than thirty years of history. NAGÉV Ltd. was founded by Antal János Nagy in 199...
Neweld Kft Neweld Kft
Hungary, Budapest
Ms. Katalin Hegedűs, CEO
Neweld has branches in many different countries, specialising in the sale of machinery, equipment and special products and selling chemicals for surface treatment to the brazing and welding industry.
QP Zrt QP Zrt
Hungary, Győr
Mr. Zsolt Albert, sales and project director
CNC machining of metal and POM parts, fixtures and complicated mechanical solutions, assembly and installation. Serial manufacturing.
10 results, 10 profiles in total