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Adelle Davis, s.r.o.

Adelle Davis, s.r.o.

United States, Estero, Florida
Mr. Ondrej Švantner, Sales Director
Mr. Juraj Šembera, CEO

About Us

Adelle Davis is a producer of high quality liposomal nutritional supplements, 100% vegan, 100% glutenfree, 100% non-GMO which effectively help to maintain human health. Our portfolio offers wide range of liposomal nutritional supplements with the highest absorption (vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, antioxidants), capsules and powder vitamins, minerals, collagens and hypotonic drink. The whole supply chain process from research & development, purchase of raw materials, production and quality control is under our management and is subject to strict hygiene and safety controls. Our company is inspired by Mrs. Adelle Davis "the most famous nutritionist in the 20th century," who was an advocate for improved health through better nutrition and a pioneer of orthomolecular medicine. Our vision is to become a global player in high quality nutritional supplements which are an alternative to pharmaceutical business.

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Adelle Davis, s.r.o.

United States
Estero, Florida




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We are a slovak producer of nutritional supplements ( very innovative liposomal, capsule, powder) so we are looking for B2B partners, mainly national partners, distributors for pharmacies and distributors and e-shops for health nutritional supplements. Vision of our company it is not about sales, it is much more. All our products are made with great responsibility and respect for Adelle Davis’s teachings, using the latest trends in biochemistry and the production of nutritional supplements. We perceive the human organism as a unique concept. We believe that the deficiency of some of the critical vitamins and minerals significantly contributes to developing diseases and illnesses. By supplementing the missing elements in the body, we can restore the body’s natural strength and vitality. Adelle Davis wrote many books how to heal and help ourselves to be more healthy without medicaments and our vision is to spread those books among people and this way to help everybody to find suitable vitamins and minerals to be more healthy.


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Mr. Ondrej Švantner Sales Director

Mr. Juraj Šembera CEO